Vega de Valcarce .


The history of Vega de Valcarce, is marked by events, leaving very few architectural relics and historical documents.
The French invasion led to the destruction of all information stored in Vega de Valcarce and O Cebreiro.

The historical importance, it follows from the correlation of historical quotations: Portazgo, Sarracin, Autares … that appear in different files.
This is a history marked by a conglomeration of facts, most uninvestigated: Sarracín Castle, Castle Autares, The Way of the Stars, The Way of the Geese, Templar, Mary Magdalene, Merovingian, Game of Goose, Legends , Esoteric, Bestiary, Codex Calixtinus.


History of Vega de Valcarce, is linked to: Camino de Santiago, Templar, Portazgo, Maria Magdalena, Celts, Romans, colonization of the Franks, Sarracín Castle, Castle Autares, the Game of the Goose and the Maquis of War Civil.

Inescapably they have left their mark invasions: Celtic, Roman, Muslim, Viking, Colonizadores Indo-Europeans who performed the Way or repopulated the occupied Muslim territories and the aftermath of the War of Independence left by French and English.