The TV Channel JacobTV has a team of 20 people serving over 1000 km route on the Camino de Santiago.

Recording and Running

For recording scenes, news, places, events, and surveys have launched six crews with 12 people along the route with a coverage of approximately 160 kilometers per team.


TV platform has three centers of realization, assembly and control data with 6 people in charge of the departments.

Center 1 in Madrid with 1 person in realization.

Center 2 in La Granja de San Ildefonso with 2 people in manufacture and assembly

Center 3 in Sahagún with 2 people in realization and 1 statistician.

commercial and institutional relations department.

This apartment has two area managers located in Valladolid and Sahagún responsible for commercial activities and relationships with institutions and service coverage and events newsgathering del Camino.


More than 25 years support the three producers that cover the canal, and have more than 18 professional camcorders with complete equipment, drones, cranes large format, cars and ATVs with stabilizer, equipment underwater diving, telescopes terrestrial, stereos, Sliders, steadycams, etc.

The channel also has two complete teams in each of the three production centers listed above.

Production of JacobTV channel