O Cebreiro .

In the years following the discovery of the tomb of St. James the enclave was founded in a hospice that gave shelter to the pilgrims of the French Way. The date of the creation of this inn-sanctuary probably ronde year 863. Before its founding possibly was a village of people devoted to grazing.

King Alfonso VI of León, a sympathizer of the Order of Cluny, which is a reform of the Benedictine Order, decides to put in the hands of the French abbeys the main places of pilgrimage route. Thus, administration of the Cebrero becomes dependent on the monks of the Abbey of Saint-Geraud, of the French town of Aurillac, who founded a monastery, Santa Maria del Cebrero, in place in the ninth century, reason by which the inn is called San Giraldo de Aurillac. In the following years, the Cebrero is the subject of many privileges by the crown, such as donating land or exemption from payment of taxes, so it becomes the most important town in the region during the Middle Ages.

In 1486 the Catholic Monarchs begin a visit to Santiago de Compostela; on his return, monarchs pass through the Cebrero and hear the story of the Eucharistic miracle that there had happened and said they give to the temple two glass phials to preserve the relics. Later, with the reform of Spanish religious orders, and in an attempt to prevent any influence of a foreign house in Spanish lands, the Catholic Monarchs ceded the direction of the area to the monastery so that becomes your priory.

The Cebrero maintained its boom until the sixteenth century, when the decline of the priory, which will culminate in the nineteenth century with the confiscation of Mendizabal, producing the march of the monks begins