noticias español 11/05/2016

noticias en coreano 11/05/2016

Diego: President of the Korean Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago.
The Korean Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago has in Korea with 16,900 members and visiting Spain more than 2,400 pilgrims performing the annual Camino de Santiago mainly from Roncesvalles making full French Way.
Koreans have already made the French Way and visiting Spain again intending to repeat the experience, often choose alternative paths looking at them new experiences and new landscapes.
Diego is convinced that 90% of Koreans choose the French Way, but is promoting new alternatives to its members mainly looking for those in love with Spain repeat the way and seeking peace on its way.
We note that of the 2,400 Koreans who visit Spain each year make 1800 the French way and the remaining 600 made mainly North and Madrid.
In this interview diego promotes the Camino de Santiago from Madrid for ease of exit as most Koreans landed in Madrid and then are directed to Roncesvalles to start the way French, for which repinten, Madrid is an ideal alternative since this road is equipped with shelters throughout its journey and experience as a pilgrim bespeaks, more personal and closer on the way from Madrid exquisite treatment until joining in Sahagún with the French way.