Santervas de Campos.

santervas patrimonio

santervas cultura

Santervás is an ancient town situated on the Valderaduey in Tierra de Campos, their situation in the Camino de Santiago de Madrid will come from its earliest historical vestiges as in the tenth century is reflected as a villa Citti was actually a hostel-hospital .

Santervas has a Romanesque-Mudejar church dedicated to San Gervasio and San Protasio dating from the twelfth century and is an exponent with San Lorenzo de Sahagún of the first buildings Mudéjares of the peninsula.


Santervas is the birthplace of great discoverers, here was born Juan Ponce de Leon discovered Florida and governor of Puerto Rico, thanks to the work of Juan Ponce, Santervás is being recognized in the new world and participate in multiple acts of twinning and consolidation human ties with Puerto Rico and United States.

Santervas has a pilgrim hostel can accommodate up to 30 people in bunk beds and a private room with bathroom, with kitchen, soup kitchen, showers and toilets cafe bar and supermarket.